You didn’t start your small business so you could hide. You started it because you’re passionate about what you do and who you serve. But it’s hard to serve when no one sees you. And I don’t just mean seeing your posts on social media, but actually seeing you for who you are and why you’re amazing and why people need you in their lives.

I understand how to it feels to be working so hard and putting yourself out there only to feel like you’re not really representing yourself in a way that’s true to you and your talents.


But what if your your visual brand was designed around the very things that make you noteworthy? What if it showcased your strengths? It’s not as if you need to be better - you’re amazing! If people aren’t seeing that, it’s likely because it’s being lost in generic graphics.

Even as a graphic designer, I once was in that position, too.

I’ve always been creative; sketching almost daily since 12, and learning Photoshop at 13 gave me a good foundation. I got my degree in graphic design, graduating magna cum laude with two internships under my belt. In theory, marketing my burgeoning freelance design business should have been easy, right?


Well.. here’s what I still needed to learn.

Just because I could make professional and appealing graphics, didn’t mean people would want to hire me. Because I had designed my visual brand about what looked impressive and what was accessible to a broad audience, I didn’t stand out.

It wasn’t until I took a step back and looked at why someone should hire me, Sierra Kellermeyer, as their designer, and put that into my visual brand, that marketing started to feel natural and draw in the right clients. The clients that needed what only I could offer.

I don’t think my story’s unique. I think it could be yours, too.