3 Things You Have to Communicate in Your Visual Brand


Design is communication.

That's the difference between decoration and design. Decoration serves purely to delight the aesthetic sense in someone. Design tells the observer something about that which the design represents.

A Noteworthy Visual Brand, then, is a visual brand that is designed, and therefore communicates, not one that is used as decoration for your business. 

To make that communication as clear as possible, it is imperative to boil it down to a simple and clear message.

To be as attractive to your audience as possible, I strongly suggest a three part message.


Who You Are

What makes you noteworthy? Why should someone care about you as a service provider or product seller? How are you different from someone with the same title or business structure?

When customers buy from a small business, they're seeking you out rather than a big box store because they want a personal connection, or to buy from someone they can trust. Show them who you are, and let them feel like they have a connection with you as a person.


Whom You Serve

Your potential customers also want to know that you're there for them, specifically. That's why choosing a target market is so valuable - you can communicate directly to them, let them know they are exactly who you're helping.

You can make them feel like your business was made just for them. (If you did your market research, it was!)


How You Serve Them

Finally, communicate with your potential client how you help them, how you'll change their lives.

The first two elements of your message will convince your audience to form a relationship with you, but until you communicate how purchasing from you will help them, they'll remain fans and not customers.


Finally: Simplify

Make your visual brand design and not decoration by making it communicate these three pillars of your business.

To make that communication as clear and as powerful as possible, keep it simple and concise.


In my Noteworthy Visual Brand Starter Kit, I help you boil these three parts of your message down to five words: your brand personality. From there, I design you a Noteworthy Visual Brand that communicates that brand personality clearly and effortlessly.

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