5 ways a Noteworthy Visual Brand Makes Your Business More Successful


Do you feel overwhelmed thinking about all the possible strategies you could be implementing for your business? There are dozens of ways to promote and grow your business, so how do you know where to start?

Why not start with something you already have - your visual brand!

Your visual brand is the logo, colors, fonts, and images you use in your business. Having a noteworthy visual brand will make your business more successful in many ways - here are five of those ways.


1. It Convinces People to Give You a Chance

Did you know that visitors to your website decide whether or not your information is worth reading based on the design of your website?

Even if you have the best content and information available, if your visual brand tells your visitors that your business is outdated or designed someone else, chances are they'll leave before they get a chance to experience all the great information and services you have to offer.


2. It Helps You Stand Out from Your Competition

When comparison shopping, what is going to make your potential clients remember YOU if your competition offer similar services or products?

A Noteworthy Visual Brand is unique, and offers a customer experience that isn't easily forgotten. Your competition may offer similar results to you, but you can use your visual brand to offer the best customer experience before they ever contact you.


3. It Makes You Memorable

It's much easier to remember a face than a name. Most people remember your visual brand before they remember your business's name.

A potential client may come across your website or content before they're ready to work with you, but if you have a strong visual brand, when they come across your content again in a few months (maybe when they are ready to buy from you), they recognize you, and their previous positive experience with you will make them more willing to interact with your business now.


4. It Raises Your Perceived Value

Assuming all things are equal, most people will buy the product with the beautiful packaging.

A beautiful and intentional visual brand tells your customers that you put time and effort into your business's appearance, and they'll assume you also put time and effort into your products and services.


5. It Makes Marketing Easier

Time is money, and marketing eats a lot of your time as a small business owner.

Creating images for your social media posts, flyers for your neighborhood, or banners for your website becomes second nature when you have a consistent visual brand. No more spending hours struggling over an Instagram image - with a Noteworthy Visual Brand, you already know your logo, fonts, colors, and images - it's just a matter of combining them in a way that fits your post.


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I'm a brand designer who helps business owners who are tired of their marketing efforts just pulling "okay" results. I help them stand out and be remembered online by designing them a Noteworthy Visual Brand that attract their ideal clients - effortlessly.