Brand Design: Dodie


About Dodie

Dodie Clark is an English YouTuber and singer/songwriter whose honesty and vulnerability about mental illness, relationships, and life in general has earned her a large and devoted following. 

Why I Chose Dodie

First of all, I'm a fan.

But more seriously, Dodie has cultivated a very strong personal brand, and her fans have  expectations for her content. 



Find Dodie Online

Below is one of my favorites of Dodie's songs to give you a taste.




Brand Foundations

For every branding project, I start with my branding questionnaire (which you can download from my Resource Library).  It has five basic questions to give me an idea of what should be communicated in the final design.

What is being offered?

Dodie offers entertained through her YouTube channel and music.

Who is it being offered to? (Ideal Client)

Gender: Primarily women

Age & Life Stage: Millenials

Career: Student & Hourly Jobs

Personality: Optimistic, creative, loyal

Pain Points (what they struggle with): Mental health, small budgets, jaded views of the world

Why does what is being offered matter to them?

Dodie offers them honest positivity - no glossing over the harsh realities of life, but always hopeful for the future

How/Where is It Offered?

Marketing: YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram

Delivery of Product/Service: YouTube, Spotify, iTunes

Brand Values

Honest, Hopeful & Personal

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When creating the moodboard for Dodie's brand, I wanted to mix her current video aesthetic (because it's great) with the brand values and other information I gathered for the branding questionnaire.

I also wanted to infuse a feeling of being at home with someone. This reinforces the personal connection Dodie builds through her vlogging.

Logo Concepts

Concept #1

I knew I wanted the logo to be custom lettered with a handmade feel to really drive home the personal brand value. For the first concept, I played with a yellow to bring in the hopeful brand value (which, Dodie has already incorporated in her personal brand). The shadow added some visual interest.

Concept #2

For the second logo draft, I wanted a heavier feel so that it would
be more versatile - especially at small sizes.

Using lowercase letters make it feel more casual, and the dots were a reference to Dodie's freckles as well as being a fun, feminine element. 

Concept #3

For the final concept, I wanted to try something a little more literal to pull in the hopeful brand value - a sunrise. Again, I used lowercase letters to evoke a casual feel, but in this concept I used very simple and geometric letters for a young and honest feeling.

Final Logo

I chose to move forward with concept #2 because I felt the lowercase letters was more on-brand, and concept #3 was too literal and not quirky enough.

I simplified concept #2 a bit by removing the freckle dots from below, and used a cluster of three
to dot the eye. I added the pop of yellow to bring in some color
and hope.

Type Treatments

I wanted to keep the handwritten in the type treatments, so I chose two handdrawn fonts to mix and use as headers - the main to be used only in uppercase, and the secondary in lowercase. 

I chose a modern serif to use as the body font because serif fonts have associations with writing and writers.

Color Palette and Patterns

The brand could easily become cold or old-fashioned with a brown logo and lots of white space. 

By infusing the brand with yellows, oranges and greens, instead the brand feels cheerful and reminds one of houseplants and sunshine.

Icon Design

Finally, I wanted to incorporate some fun illustrated elements into the brand to feel drive home the personal and creative feeling. I used a line style similar to the logo, and used off-set coloring to make the illustration imperfect and casual.

Of course I had to include claps as the icon for videos - Dodie claps to sync her mic in her vlogs.

Thanks for Reading!

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And don't forget to check out Dodie's work!

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