Case Study: Fran Ritchey Virtual Assistant


Today I'm delighted to share an interview with Fran Ritchey, whose visual brand I designed earlier this year. 

Before we jump into things, tell us a little about yourself and your business.

My name is Fran Ritchey. I'm an entrepreneur who started my at-home business as a virtual assistant. About 5 months into my VA business, I realized I was miserable and wasn't creating the business and life of my dreams (like I thought). So after some soul-searching, I decided to look into life coaching (something I had secretly dreamed of doing for over 10 years). As of this moment, I am delving into the world of coaching and have officially taken a break from my entrepreneurial pursuits to really figure out what I want to share with the world.

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What was your visual brand like before you decided to get a Noteworthy Visual Brand Starter Kit?

Before I decided to get a Noteworthy Visual Brand, my visual branding was pretty but... not me. It was cookie cutter and felt disconnected from me and the feelings and thoughts I wanted my business to evoke in others. I wasn't excited to see my website, my business cards, or anything that reflected the visual branding that I had and I hated that!

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What made you decide to invest in a Noteworthy Visual Brand Starter Kit?

From the moment I met Sierra and found out what she did, I knew I wanted to invest in a Noteworthy Visual Brand. I knew from talking with Sierra and seeing her work that she was a talented professional who would really take the time to understand what I was wanting and craft a brand that wasn't just pretty colors and fonts. I knew that she would create something that would feel and look connected to who I was, the business I had painstakingly created, and the feelings I wanted others to feel every time they saw my visual branding.

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How would you describe the design process to someone considering getting a Noteworthy Visual Brand Starter Kit?

The design process was incredibly easy-really quite effortless! My favorite part of the process was filling out Sierra's questionnaire and its excellent, thought-provoking questions. The questions helped me accurately capture the feelings I wanted others to feel when they saw my visual branding and allowed me to put those feelings into words. Sierra then was able to expertly see the patterns and come up with several words that perfectly encapsulated the brand I wanted. I loved that!

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What surprised you about the design process?

Other than the process being so easy and effortless on my part, what surprised me most was how SPOT ON Sierra was with the final product. Once Sierra came to me with three potential directions for my visual branding, I literally gasped when I saw the first one-I loved it so much! It still needed a few tweaks but once I told Sierra what I wanted changed, she was able to come back to me with such a perfect final product so quickly that I was speechless and ridiculously excited. It kind of felt like Christmas morning! :)

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How do you feel about your new Noteworthy Visual Brand?

I absolutely LOVE IT! Every time I look at it, I'm amazed at how perfect it is and I'm proud that my visual branding looks so wonderful! Even as I am transitioning my business, I know my visual branding will stay the same because Sierra didn't create a Noteworthy Visual Brand for "VA-business Fran"... she created a Noteworthy Visual Brand that truly reflected what was important to me as a person and as a business woman. And that means I can take this visual branding anywhere and use it for anything and it will still feel true to me and the essence I want any of my business ventures to have.

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Now that you're a couple months out from your Noteworthy Visual Brand, do you notice any changes in your business?

Since I shut my VA business down pretty quickly after receiving my Noteworthy Visual Brand and haven't yet launched my new business venture, I haven't had much opportunity to show off my new visual branding. However, what I have noticed is a change in how confident I am. As I'm now changing my website, I am realizing that I am not paralyzed with trying to make decisions on how I want everything to look and feel, like I felt before the Noteworthy Visual Brand. Now I just smile and put together all the visual elements Sierra created - her visual branding has really made things so much easier for me and I feel so much more competent and confident because of it.

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Do you have anything left you'd like to say to anyone considering investing in their visual brand?

Please do not hesitate - invest in a Noteworthy Visual Brand! The peace of mind you'll have and pride you'll feel every time you see your branding is priceless! Sierra was a joy to work with and her design process is really spot on. I'm still amazed at how effortless the whole process was, how much I learned, and how much I absolutely adore my visual branding! One of the *BEST* decisions I've ever made for my business was working with Sierra.


If you're ready to invest in your own visual brand, and experience the confidence and peace of mind Fran has, check out my Noteworthy Visual Brand Starter Kit.


I'm Sierra Kellermeyer, a brand designer.

I work with passion-driven small business owners who are overwhelmed by marketing. I get to know them, their business, and their services, and design them a Noteworthy Visual Brand that effortlessly attracts their ideal clients.