Professional & Feminine Font Combinations to Try

Three different styles of ampersands on a pink background

I am constantly inspired by the women I meet who are building and running successful businesses. As the tide of culture shifts, building a feminine visual brand isn’t as limiting as it once was, and many women are putting their feminine foot forward.

But building a feminine visual brand doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice professionalism or adopt a casual tone.

Here’s some feminine font combinations to use in your visual brand to show the world you mean business.

Catch Feels font and Montserrat font

A bold, handwritten font adds personality, while a geometric san serif grounds the design and keeps it feeling modern.

Fonts Used: Catch Feels, Montserrat Light

Aisling font and BioRhyme Regular font

A looping, even-handed script font paired with a structured slab serif font strikes a balanced and sophisticated tone.

Fonts Used: Aisling, BioRhyme Regular

Elephant font and Lora Regular font

Heavy and regular san serifs paired together feels classic and confident.

Fonts Used: Elephant, Lora Regular

Lovato Light font and Lato Regular font

The delicate and modern slab serif stands out best with a simple san serif.

Fonts Used: Lovato Light, Lato Regular

Caviar Dreams font and raleway heavy font

A light and angular san serif paired with a heavy san serif feels contemporary and sleek.

Fonts Used: Caviar Dreams, Raleway Regular

Josefin Slab font and Poppins regular font

The minimalistic slab serif and similar-weighted round san serif is simple and approachable.

Fonts Used: Josefin Slab, Poppins Regular

Sweet & Salty font and Gotham Bold font

The fun retro san serif is balanced out by a serious san serif, creating a fun yet grounded vibe.

Fonts Used: Sweet & Salty, Gotham Bold

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I'm Sierra Kellermeyer, brand designer.

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