How to Choose the Right Stock Photo for Your Visual Brand


Stock photos are more accessible than ever, meaning it's easier than ever to download some stock photography to use with your visual brand.

But stock photography can feel just like that - like stock photography - if you're not carefully choosing photos that cohesively blend with your visual brand.

It can be challenging to figure out what direction you should take when choosing stock photos if your visual brand currently only includes a logo, some fonts and colors, so I've put together three tips that will help you choose photos that feel anything but generic.


Identify Your Brand Personality

The unifying factor between your visual brand's graphic assets (logo, fonts, colors, etc) and its photos is the brand personality.

Your brand personality is 3-5 words that describe how your visual brand feels to its audience. You want to make sure whatever photos you choose reflect that personality.

For more on your brand personality, check out: 3 Things You Have to Communicate in Your Visual Brand and How to Figure Out Your Brand Personality.


Reference Your Brand Colors

Whenever possible, choose photos that match your visual brand's color palette. It can include colors outside the palette, but the photo shouldn't be completely different from your color palette.

Also pay attention to white space - if your visual brand uses a lot of white space, choose photos that also include ample white space.


Choose Relevant Imagery

What objects, clothing styles, and/or scenes are relevant to your clients and your offer? Often, the lifestyle aspirations of your ideal client are a good starting point. 

If your services or products are made using recognizable and unique tools, it's good to include those as well.

Remember, usually more than any other part of your visual brand, the photography you use tells a story about your business, so try to stay on-topic and avoid extraneous imagery.

Stock photography doesn't have to feel generic

By taking a little extra care when choosing your stock photography, you can make your visual brand noteworthy.



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