How to Create a Useful Pinterest Inspiration Board


Last week I taught you how I help my clients figure out their brand foundation. This week I'm showing you the next step in my branding process: the Pinterest Inspiration Board!

(If you haven't read my last post, Questions You Should Answer Before Designing Your Brand, yet I would advise reading that and filling out the workbook before creating your Pinterest inspiration board.)

Creating the board

You'll want to create a completely new board for your brand inspiration so you can start with a fresh canvas. I suggest keeping it a secret board (that you invite your designer to collaborate on). Keeping it secret allows you to do a good deal of trial and error without confusing your audience. Besides, that keeps your new brand/rebrand a nice surprise!

Finding images

When finding images to pin, it's tempting to search for "brand design" and pin a bunch you like. But DON'T do that! That's the easiest way to insure your brand will be unoriginal. 

The images you want to save are those that have inspiring colors, moods, elements, imagery and layouts that you (or your designer) can use for inspiration for an original design.

Photography (25-30 images)

I suggest starting with pinning some photography to your board. It can be a challenge to think of what to search to find relevant photos, so try asking yourself these questions (and refer to your brand foundation - especially your brand values - when answering them):

  • If my business was a place, what would it look like? Would it be indoors or outdoors?

  • If my business was a restaurant or a food, what would it be?

  • What hobby would my business be?

  • What animal would my business be?

  • If my business was the inspiration for a bedroom, what would that look like?

  • What if it was an outfit?

  • Are there any objects relevant to my business?

Not all of these questions will apply to your business, but they should give you some ideas. When first pinning your images, go overboard. Pin anything you find relevant - you'll narrow it down later. 

Art (10-12 images)

After you pin a bunch of photos, next I suggest finding some art. The photos you pinned should give you some ideas on what kind of art style would capture your brand values. For example, the art I found to be most in line with my brand were inked illustrations and bold screenprints; but for you, it may be impressionist painting or abstract sculptures.

Design (5-10 images)

Finally, you get to pin some designs! I still suggest steering clear of the "brand design" tag, but feel free to find logos, fonts, and printed materials that feel like they belong with the images you've already pinned.

Cleaning Up Your Board

Now you should have anywhere between 40-60 images on your board, and you're going to want to narrow it down to 15-20.

Start by deleting the images you don't feel strongly about, and images that feel like they don't belong. As removing images becomes harder, go slowly, and choose images that are too similar to another image, or don't add much to the overall feel of the board. Ask yourself, "would removing this image change the mood of the board?" if it would, you want to keep the image.

How to use your board

If you're working with me, your work is done! You can hand over your brand foundation and inspiration board and wait for a beautiful moodboard in the next few days (soon to be followed by some logo concepts!) If you're DIYing your brand, your next step is taking your inspiration board and turning it into a beautiful, cohesive moodboard. Need some help with creating your moodboard? Check the blog next week!