How to Figure Out Your Brand Personality


Figuring out your brand personality is the first step in my Noteworthy Visual Brand Starter Kit, and for good reason. 

Your brand personality is the foundation that keeps your visual brand consistent in feel, especially in situations when you can't really "brand" a part of your business.

For example, when you hire a photographer to shoot your brand photography, you probably shouldn't include your logo or fonts in the photos.

But you still need your photos to feel like a cohesive part of your visual brand. Your brand personality describes that feeling your photos and logo have in common, and you can give your brand personality to your photographer as a guide.

So how do you figure out what your brand personality should be?

Your brand personality should communicate information about three areas of your business: who you are, whom you serve, and how you serve them. 

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Those three areas of your business include a lot of information, so let's talk about how you reduce that to the five feelings that will make up your brand personality.

I suggest making a list of qualities as you answer the following questions about the three pillars of your business. Don't worry about narrowing them down at first.

When possible, try to use adjectives - these generally translate best into brand personality traits.

Who You Are

Not all of your qualities will be relevant to your business.

A great place to figure out which of your strengths is most relevant to your business is to look at your client feedback. 

Is there something you're complimented on often?

Another question to ask for reflectively is, "why am I good at [the service you offer]?"

Whom You Serve

Questions to ask your ideal clients:

"What are you looking for in [the service you offer]?"

"What problems are currently negatively impacting your life/business?"

"How have similar services let you down in the past?"

If possible, ask these questions of real people in your target demographic. Having real answers is always better than trying to guess the answers.

These questions will guide you in what your ideal clients are looking for. Take their answers and turn them into positive traits that your clients would be drawn to based on the negatives they're currently facing.


There are two main questions to ask about your services:

"How do my services make my clients' lives better?"


"Why should someone choose my services over other similar services?"

Simplifying the information

By now, you should have a fairly long list of adjectives that describe what makes your business noteworthy. But trying to squeeze all of those adjectives into one visual brand only makes for a confused and cluttered visual brand.

So how do you narrow them down?

Find common threads

The first thing I look for when reading through my clients' liist of noteworthy qualities is to look for common themes and ideas between the three sections.

In your list of adjectives, group similar ideas together, and sum them up with the adjective you find the most compelling.

What do people need to know first?

Next, comb through your list and weed out any concepts you believe aren't as important for the first impression.

Some of these adjectives - especially describing your services and yourself - your clients won't care about right away, but can be pleasant surprises as you work together.

Experiment & Simplify

The last few adjectives to weed out will be the hardest.

To finalize your five brand personality adjectives, try mixing and matching your remaining adjectives in sets of five and figure out which set feels like the most complete description of your business.

It may take a couple of days sitting with these, or discussing them with trusted friends, but reducing your brand personality down to five words allows you to create a concentrated and memorable impact with your visual brand.


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