How to Stop Making Boring Graphics

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Ever feel like your graphics are boring?

They don’t look bad, and they relate to your business, but there’s just something missing.

It may seem like a small problem, but in the digital age, when consumers have shorter attention spans, the ability to capture attention with your graphics is more important than ever.

If you’re struggling to break out of the routine of boring graphics, I’ve put together five tips for how to design scroll-stopping graphics.


Take Your Time

The first, and simplest advice I can offer is: take your time. Interesting graphics are rarely “slapped together.”

Once you get the hang of creating interesting graphics, your process will speed up again. But if you’re wanting to do something new, you’re going to have to set aside more time than usual.

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Pique Curiosity

Curiosity is a powerful force. If someone is scrolling their feed, and sees something they don’t fully understand, or something unusual, they’ll feel the urge to stop scrolling and investigate.

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Think Outside the Box

Related to the previous point, your graphics may be boring because they’re similar to what everyone else is doing. Give yourself time to experiment and try new things; find inspiration from a field you’re not familiar with.

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A book and storyline

Tell a Story

People love stories. You can put that love to use in your copy, but also in your graphics. It’s challenging to put a whole story in one image, but you can create a graphic that feels like a piece of a larger story.

You can use photos from right before a big action (such as a woman in the process of baking a cake, instead of a woman with a finished cake) or imagery that refers to larger stories, such as a woman in a red hood, to make viewers think of stories they already know.

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Infuse Personality

Maybe your graphics are boring because you’re not including your brand personality. Your brand personality dictates how someone should feel when viewing your graphics; if you’re graphics aren’t causing your viewers to feel anything, they’re definitely boring.

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Boring graphics aren’t the death knell for your marketing. With a little elbow grease and these five tips, you’ll be free from the curse of boring graphics.


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