Turning Every Color of the Rainbow into a Christmas Palette

A Rainbow over a Christmas Tree

Christmas is quickly approaching, and businesses everywhere are promoting their products and services. If you’re trying to figure out how to create Christmas marketing for your business that feels on-brand, this post is for you.

No matter what color you use as your primary in your visual brand, a Christmas color palette can be designed around it.

(And these are just a few examples - your only limit is your creativity!)

A photo of a puppy surrounded by red and white striped boxes with associated color palette

Red is obviously easy to make a Christmas color palette around. I like going pretty traditional with red: accenting varying shades of red with white, pine green, and gold.

Photo of a Christmas tree with an orange glow in a dark room with associated color palette

Orange can be challenging to use in a Christmas setting, but if you think of it as the warm glow of a fire and focus on warm earthy colors, you can bring to mind cozy Christmas feelings.

A photo of mimosas and waffles on an ice blue background with snowflakes and associated color palette

Yellow complements an ice-blue snow palette well, adding some warmth and depth to a common Christmas palette.

Photo of pine branches with lights, silver ornaments, and pine cones with associated color palette

Green is another easy Christmas color. I like using rich dark greens with simple earthy colors to create a sophisticated homage to the Christmas tree.

A photo of a plate of cookies on a navy background with associated color palette

Blue can be used to create a snowy color palette similar to the yellow example, but for something more unique and mature, try using a deep navy with pine green and neutrals.

A photo of a purple ornament on a Christmas tree with associated color palette

Pinks and purples feel Christmasy when paired with muted traditional Christmas colors, particularly pine greens that makes the purple pop.

A photo of white and silver ornaments and a pine branch on a white background with associated color palette

Large fields of white dotted by traditional colors of green, red, silver, and/or gold are great for a more minimal Christmas vibe.

A photo of a present wrapped in craft and white patterned paper on a black and white snowflake background with associated color palette

Black paired with white, neutrals, and pop of red allows you to play with patterns and textures without the design becoming busy.

I hope this post has opened your eyes and inspired you. Any color can be a Christmas color!

An illustration of color swatches in a heart-shaped locket



Pride & Prejudice (2005) is a great movie to study to learn how to use color to add to story.


I'm Sierra Kellermeyer, brand designer.

I work with passion-driven small business owners who feel their visual marketing is disconnected from their core identity and ideals. I get to know them, their business, and their services, and design them a Noteworthy Visual Brand that effortlessly attracts their ideal clients.