Visual Brand Trends for Health Coaches


It's important to know your competition. You can learn what they're doing right, and what the market wants. You can also learn what you could be doing better than your competition, and how to make yourself stand out from them.

When designing your visual brand, it's equally important to know the industry trends for visual brands. Educating yourself on the visual language being used in your space allows you to speak in ways your target audience is familiar with, while also avoiding looking like a clone of a someone else's business.

With that said, this month I researched visual brand "trends" for Health Coaches.

I use the term trends loosely, because what I'm looking for is patterns and similarities among top-Google-ranked businesses, not necessarily new and popular visual brand styles.

Health Coaches help their clients make and keep healthy lifestyle changes, often including changes to their diet, exercise routine, and mental care. They provide support and accountability in order to help their clients achieve lasting results.

Let's get into the trends. 



Detailed, Abstract Icons

Often for the coaches who leaned more towards traditional methods, an abstract icon with line details was paired with bold san serif lettering.


Colorful, Illustrated Icons

For the more innovative or personal health coaches, colorful and lively illustrative icons were popular.




Cool Palette with Warm Accent

Blues and greens were far and away the most popular colors for health coaches. One of the popular ways to use them was paired with a warm accent color.


Cool Analogous Colors

Using a palette with a range of blues, greens, and purples was also a popular choice.


Navy and Grays

The most traditional health coaches often used navy as the focal color, and rounded out the rest of the palette with shades of gray.




Serif Headers

For traditional and high-end coaches, classic serif fonts were used as headers, accompanied by simple san serif body copy.


Bold and Light San Serifs

Bold headers and light body copy in the same san serif family was also a popular choice, using bold italics as accents.

So what do you do with this information, as a health coach?

For starters, if your entire visual brand was just described by these trends - figure out how you can stand out.

I don't recommend not using any of these trends in your visual brand - they're working on some level for many different health coaches. But you can take what's working and add your own twist to it.

Let me know in the comments below: what industries do you want me to research visual brand trends in next?


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