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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about finding inspiration. One of my tips for staying inspired was to fill your social media feed with people who inspire you creatively.

Seeing their process and behind-the-scenes content can give you a more realistic vision of the creative process, and following the evolution of someone's work over time is much more inspiring than finding a cute logo on Pinterest.

So today I'm sharing my top three follows on my favorite social media platforms to help you fill up your feed. (Plus some honorable mentions because I couldn't narrow it down to just three.)

Only two of the people in my collection of top threes are designers, because I think it's important to find inspiration outside of your industry bubble The people listed below are great follows for anyone who wants to be more creative, no matter your area of focus.

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Photo of Karie Price

Karie Price

Karie is a messaging genius. She coaches small business owners on how to craft a message that connects with their ideal client in an impactful way. The content that she shares on Facebook is valuable and actionable. A good way to start is checking out her weekly Facebook Lives on Tuesdays.

P.S. I design Karie's graphics. Don't they look nice?


Image of Kendra and Kleneice of Humble & Whole

Humble & Whole

Kendra and Kleneice are twin digital marketers who focus on creating organic social media growth. Their content is relevant, simple to implement, and lacks any of the gross salesy tactics currently popular in social media marketing.


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Daniel Adams Ink

Dadams, as we affectionately called him, is a professor at Harding University, my alma mater. He makes beautiful and sometimes weird prints, paintings, and sketches, often with spiritual themes.


Honorable Mentions: A Placement

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Photo of Julie Marriot

Julie Marriott

Julie's feed is full of large, colorful, and painterly florals. Her bold and heavy brush strokes and vibrant colors create paintings that are refreshing and expressive. I have one of her small 8x8" paintings hanging in my office and the vibrant colors and graphic shapes are a constant source of inspiration.


Photo of Zoe London

Zoe London

Zoe is a lifestyle blogger and DJ with an enviable personal style. I love her balance of grunge and girly. She listens to metal and pop, wears glitter and leather, and is, for me, supremely cool without toning down her more traditionally feminine side as well. Also, she has AMAZING hair.


Photo of Ian Barnard

Ian Barnard

Ian is a designer specializing in handlettering. He posts often, and is constantly experimenting with different styles and tools. His constant stream of work has paid off, and his style has evolved and improved more quickly than any other creator I follow.


Honorable Mentions: Everlane, Heikala

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Photo of Erin Flynn

Erin Flynn

Erin is a web designer who teaches other web designers to run profitable freelance businesses. She's insightful as a designer as well as a business owner, and shares the relatable experiences of working as a freelancer.


Photo of Hank Green

Hank Green

Hank is half of the internet duo, Vlogbrothers, as well as an educational video producer, inventor of 2D glasses, podcaster, and Winter Park High School's Best Dancer. His ability to do all the things as well as handle unexpected internet fame with humility and thoughtfulness is admirable.


Photo of Brent Galloway

Brent Galloway

Brent is one of the first freelance designers I started following when I started SKD back in 2014. His focus now is on designing merch for bands, which alone is super cool, but in 2014 he also put a lot of time into a blog for freelance designers which I'll forever be grateful for.


Honorable Mentions: John Green*, Enneadogs

*I'm usually more of a John Green fan since he focuses more on literature, philosophy, and religion while Hank focuses more on science and entrepreneurship, but John isn't very active on Twitter. Sorry John! 

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Photo of Holly Exley and her pug, Quentin

Holly Exley

Holly Exley is a vegan illustrator with an honest and mellow video style. Illustration process videos are mixed in with vlogs and industry advice. Holly is great at offering a well-rounded image of what it's like to work as a creative entrepreneur, and doesn't segment her life in her work or her videos. (She also has the cutest dogs.)


Illustration of Fran Meneses

Fran Meneses

Fran Meneses is a Chilean illustrator currently residing in NYC. Her funny and heartfelt illustrations have earned her a large following on Instagram as well as YouTube, but YouTube is where her humor and heart really come to life.


Mango Street Logo

Mango Street

Rachel and Daniel are a photography duo that create create short and sweet photography tutorial videos "that don't waste your time." You don't have to be a photographer to appreciate their aesthetic, succinct scripts, and Office references.


Honorable Mentions: Kendyll Hillegas, Tessa Violet


Who Am I Missing?

Let me know in the comments who your favorite creators are!

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