Why SquareSpace Is Great for Small Business Owners


There are an overwhelming amount of options out there for someone wanting to build their own website. It can be hard to figure out how to pick a platform. If you're trying to figure out how to get your business online, let me suggest Squarespace. 

To be transparent, I offer brand packages that include Squarespace website design and set up; but I only added that to my offering after using Squarespace for my own business website for a couple of years and truly falling in love with it as a tool for small businesses.

Let me tell you why Squarespace is great.

1.It's cost-effective

If you're a small business owner, you have to make smart financial decisions to keep your business running. This means balancing cost with functionality. Squarespace may not seem like the cheapest option, but it will save you money in unexpected ways.

Domain hosting & Design in one spot

You can purchase your domain name (www.exampleofadomainname.com) from Squarespace as well as design your website from the same login portal, which means you only have one monthly (or yearly, depending on how you choose to pay) bill for your website.

customizable templates

Trust me, if my brand packages included a custom-coded website, they would not be as cheap as they are. Squarespace templates are sleek, and have many options for customization, so you don't have to choose between paying thousands of dollars for custom code or have a generic-looking website.


It's 2017 - there's no excuse for you not to have a mobile-responsive website. In fact, in 2016, mobile users surpassed desktop users in overall internet use. (Source.) To create a mobile-responsive website usually involves a lot of extra coding, which means spending a lot more money on a web developer. However, ALL of Squarespace's templates are already mobile-responsive, which means no extra costs for you! (Bonus! Responsive sites also rank higher on Google.)

2. It's easy to learn


What I've found with website hosts cheaper than Squarespace is that while you may pay less out of pocket, their backend is so confusing that you waste hours of your life just figuring out how to change or update one thing on your website. In contrast, Squarespace's layout is a toolbar with simple categories on the left-hand side of your screen with your website on the right. On top of that, any change to make to your website you can see in real time.


If the rest of the benefits hadn't sold me on Squarespace, their tutorials would have. Their instructions are clear, thorough, and incredibly easy to follow. They even has specific tutorials for templates, so if you're running into trouble with your website, you don't have to follow generic instructions - you can find some directly related to your template and problem.

3. it has excellent support

I could have added this as a point under #2, but this is such a big deal in the website industry I thought I'd call special attention to it. Every time I've made contact with the Squarespace support team, they've been courteous and efficient, and my issue has been resolved within 48 hours of my email. I find this especially important as a business owner, because having my website (or a client's) go down at all can cost me significant time and money. I never worry about that happening with Squarespace support just an email away.

I truly believe that for small business owners (especially solo entrepreneurs), Squarespace is the best choice for both cost and value. I offer Squarespace websites as part of some of my branding packages, so if you're considering creating a website, please contact me. If you have any questions about Squarespace, post them below and I'll do my best to answer them.