Your Visual Brand Is Not About You

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Today is all about one hard, simple truth: your visual brand is not about you. 

Let's dive right in.

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Design is intentional

I can't say this enough: design is purposeful.

Your brand is not going to be hanging on the wall of your living room. It's going to be working for you on your website, social media, and printed materials, speaking to your clients.

You need to be sure it's saying what you want it to.

Imagine you had a sales staff member, but instead of talking about your great products and services, they spent all of their time talking about how great a boss you are, and what your favorite foods and colors are.

Would they make any sales? 

When designing your brand, it doesn't matter if your favorite color is purple.

It matters what purple says to your audience. 

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Make your brand about your audience

Your brand should appeal to your clients/customers and draw them in.

If you choose your design based purely on your tastes, your goals, and your lifestyle, you may be alienating a huge chunk of your audience.

If your business is service-based, what does it say when you put your tastes and desires in front of your client's?

If your business is product-based, do only people exactly like you need your products?

Your brand should show what you have to offer clients. Focus on what you have that they need, and put that in your visual brand.

This is what it comes down to: if you want a successful visual brand, make it about your audience. Convince them that you'll meet their needs, and that you are valuable.

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If you have a personal brand, think about why you have a personal brand.

Is it so people will hire you? So you'll gain social media or blog followers?

Design is intentional and purposeful. Even when what you're selling is yourself, you have to think about your unique selling point, and focus on that.

You probably already edit your personal brand; such as leaving out parts of your life out that are embarrassing, private, or unimportant. If you're selective about the parts of you that you share, you should be selective about the visuals you use to brand yourself. 

Besides, no complex, beautifully unique person can be summed up in one visual brand. Personhood is too vast to be summed up.

Personal brands work best when they focus on what you have to offer to others (and you are more than what you have to give).

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I'm Sierra Kellermeyer, brand designer.

I work with passion-driven small business owners who feel their visual marketing is disconnected from their core identity and ideals. I get to know them, their business, and their services, and design them a Noteworthy Visual Brand that effortlessly attracts their ideal clients.